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Generalbrokers works mainly in searching for products that can meet our clients' needs.

Investments are chosen according to the location analysis: the political-economic reliability of the town where the building is placed is always checked, the environmental features, too, the area's offer and demand. Finally all legal and fiscal aspects are considered.

A whole division of the company aims at the trading analysis of a number of projects related to the investments to build or renew buildings. It Is a further help being offered to companies that are willing to meet the different market's needs.

We add to all of this our best customer service:

Sales service

Either the owner or the buyer may talk to very skilled estate agents to find the best solutions to their needs. Trading or residential buildings are carefully analyzed and all legal and fiscal aspects are considered, too. To better guarantee our clients, we usually propose only buildings for which we are the sole agents.

Free estimate service

We estimate an apartment's selling price or renting fare according to our very long experience and considering the real market vale, avoiding useless over-estimates. If It Is needed for possible operations related to mortgages, successions, legal separations and so on, we may even provide a written estimate of the apartment or house, signed by an engineer. For our clients, that kind of service Is free.

Renting services

We've got a leading role in this field, in Milan and its surroundings. Among our best clients, we can mention a number of Italian companies that signed specific kind of contracts. We provide a full service to our clients, Including the drawing of the renting agreement.

Trade-In services

Our clients may change their own apartment with another one being bought by means of our intervention or subjecting the buying of a new home to the selling of their own All those kind of operations are performed by signing very simple and guaranteed agreements. We assure Immediate paying.

Managing services

We manage the renting of real estates on behalf of our clients, even if it is a single house or apartment. We immediately credit money to our clients together with a detailed note. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the estate market and its corresponding laws, we can manage at our best the estate patrimony we've got in charge thus avoiding all sorts of claims.

Mortgage services

We don't lend money to our clients but we usually search in the market the banks that may offer the best solutions according to our clients' needs. The opening of International Financial Markets provides interesting investing opportunities that may be valuated by our experts. That kind of service Is free for our clients.

Block of flats services

That kind of service Is addressed to those who wish to partially or completely sell entire buildings or block of flats. Our deep knowledge of all the related aspects enables us to find the best solutions together with our clients.

Old age service

We buy old people's properties in Milan and its surroundings, leaving them the right to live in the flat (usufruct) besides an amount of money or a quoted life unearned Income that Is guaranteed by an Insurance Cmpany.

Insurance legal service

A lawyer is always at our clients' disposal to analyse all kinds of matters regarding contracts or agreements. A notary will be in charge with drawing deeds In our offices.

Renting a house for your holiday

We can offer very Interesting locations In well-known summer resorts (sea or the mountains), throughout Italy; our staff will always be available to organize free visits on site.